The Beginning

Dr. John L. Paige Jr., born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 1, 1965, the 5th child of Mother Galatians and the late John Lewis Paige Sr. Dr. Paige is married to Lady Mary Jane Paige, and together they have 7 children, (4 sons and 3 daughters).

Educational Background

Dr. Paige graduated from Mt. Healthy High School, in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Theological Studies at Bethlehem Temple Ministries in Cincinnati, Ohio under the tutelage of Bishop Elize Young and Dr. Johnnie Johnson. Dr. Paige recieved his Doctorate in Theology in March 2018 from the Excellency Theological Seminary. He wisely acknowledges that the formal religious study, allowed him to gain “information,” but God provides him with the “revelation of the word.”

Church Affiliation

At the age of 9 young John L. Paige Jr., was baptized in the name of Jesus and at the age of 12 filled with the Holy Ghost. He credits his mother as being an inspiration during his early formative years encouraging him about what God was able to do and demonstrating how to walk in faith. He recalls often hearing her in early morning hours praying for her family and that king God for what he had done.

The early years of his life serving God were spent at Bethlehem Temple of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith (PCAF), in Cincinnati, Ohio, under the ministry of the late Bishop Elize Young and Dr. Johnnie Johnson.

Dr. Paige was called into the ministry at the young age of 23 and has been preaching God’s Word for over 29 years. Dr. Paige traveled throughout the United States as an Evangelist from 1991-1994.

Dr. Paige began his Pastorialship in 1999 becoming the Under Shepard at St. John’s Temple Church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW), Socity Hill, SC. While continuing to spread the Word of God through a successful radio broadcast as he taught the saints and listening audience through the powerful revelation of God’s word.

Dr. Paige relocated in 2015 to the Phoenix area to pastor Grace Temple Apostolic Church, Inc., of the PCAF in Phoenix, AZ where God is doing great things. He continues to fulfill the ministry of reconciliation committed unto him through dynamic teaching, preaching and being God’s love in action.

God has gifted him as a song writer and musician. Dr. Paige has written and recorded 2 songs, Don’t Give Up and Hold on to God. Any given Sunday morning the spirit will move through him as he will create a new song in the spirit.